Stef Slembrouck's point of view

Thanks are due to Ronald Soetaert. Back in 1998, he suggested the idea to me to develop a website of this kind.

I am very grateful to a number of colleagues for the many shadow conversations and reading suggestions which have informed (and continue to inform) this overview: David Barton, Richard Barwell, Mike Baynham, Adrian Blackledge, Jan Blommaert, Aaron Cicourel, Jim Collins, Guy Cook, Angela Creese, Anna De Fina, Norman Fairclough, Peter Flynn, Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Chris Hall, Monica Heller, Moira Inghelleri, Misty Jaffe, Vally Lytra, Katrijn Maryns, Janet Maybin, Melissa Moyer, Kay McCormick, Greg Myers, Kate Pahl, Utta Papen, Ben Rampton, Stan Ridge, Ceil Roberts, Srikant Sarangi, Brian Street, Chris Stroud, Ellen Van Praet, Jef Verschueren, Cécile Vigouroux and Sue White.


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