Marysa DEMOOR (Prof.)

  • Lic. (Ghent, 1977), Ph.D. (Ghent, 1983), Life Member Clare Hall (Cambridge 2000)
  • Advisor to the Rector on Gender and Diversity
Research interests
  • Victorian literature (prose and poetry)
  • 19th-century print culture
  • Late-19th-century literary criticism
  • Textual editing
  • Visual culture
  • Sociology of texts
  • Modernism, little magazines
  • Gender studies - see Centre for Gender Studies
  • Current projects: Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism (with Laurel Brake)
  • The Belgian-British Cultural Exchanges; identity and nationhood
Research projects
  • Head of the Gender and Diversity dept. (Katrien De Bruyn, Sigried Lievens, Hanneke Pyck)
  • Supervisor for UGent of ESF-project "Equality Guide for Universities" (researchers: Sigried Lievens and Liselotte Vandenbussche)
  • Supervisor of the project "Genesis and Function of the Supplements: A Genealogical and Genre-theoretical Study of British Nineteenth-Century Periodicals and Their Addenda" (researchers: Koenraad Claes and Jolein De Ridder)
  • Supervisor of the project "A Historical-Critical Analysis of the Debate between Feminism(s) and Darwinism(s)" (researcher: Griet Vandermassen)
  • Co-supervisor of "Judith Butler Revisited: Gender and Sexuality in the Work of Edith Wharton and Djuna Barnes" (researcher: Johanna Wagner)
  • Supervisor of the project "Professional Journals in the 19C" (Visiting Research Fellow Dr. Andrew King)
  • supervisor of the Project "Authorship in Performance" (with Gert Buelens and Ingo Berensmeyer; researchers: Marianne Van Remoortel, Alise Van Hecke-Jameson)
Recent publications
  • " Giving an Account of Oneself in the Cyber-Era." Textual Practice.
  • 2007 with